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The arts are a very important part of a well-rounded education. Studies show that children exposed to and involved in the arts do better on standardized tests, improve their social skills and are more motivated, as well as exhibiting improved literacy and critical thinking skills, than those who have no access to such programs.  Budget constraints have lead to the reduction or elimination of arts related curricula in many public schools...


To provide small and/or underserved public school districts with quality educational experience and support in theater and the arts by providing master classes and financial assistance to university, college and school district students through funds raised by Broadway Revue performances. The Endowment's goal is the support and promotion of theater and arts education through educational opportunities, resources and experience to enhance school programs encouraging the importance of music and the arts in American culture.


Angel Fountain Education Endowment, Inc. will produce a Broadway Revue which is comprised of four to six professional Broadway performers, backed by a live stage band.  The performances will include hit songs from major Broadway productions performed by talent who have actually been cast in the Broadway and off-Broadway roles.  When practicable, students from the schools will be cast to perform with the Broadway stars.


The cast and crew will make themselves available to local university, college and high school programs in order to assist in the education and development of those programs.  The performers will conduct master classes which include lectures, question and answer sessions and hands-on instruction.  Angel Fountain is committed to assisting the local student population in their pursuit of music and theater education through the master classes, opportunities to work and perform with the Broadway cast members and through individual and program financial support. By establishing an active campaign within the communities, students are often able to attend the productions free of charge with tickets purchased by local business leaders and arts supporters. Angel Fountain Educational Endowment will provide post secondary scholarships and individual financial assistance in all areas of GISD Fine Arts on an application basis. 

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